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Why awareness? Because awareness leads to interest, interest to desire, and desire to action. And action is what is needed to make a change, see a change, find a cure, end the devastation of pediatric brain cancer, and save the lives of our children.

It's no secret that the pink ribbon, now universally known, and the original grassroots organization, The Susan G. Komen Foundation, has had a tremendous impact on the funding for breast cancer research and the ultimate increased survival rate for breast cancer victims ---- all because of awareness.

Please be aware of the facts about pediatric brain cancer and the organizations and foundations which focus on brain cancer; acknowledge brain cancer awareness efforts, support political action related to brain cancer research; and promote brain cancer awareness.

Through our efforts, may your interests be peaked, your desire to help increase, and your increased desire lead to ACTION. May your actions speak louder than words.


We invite you to take part in these political action opportunities.

Cure Childhood Cancer Petition



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